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The most popular social media platforms have had a busy few years. While Facebook remains the most popular social networking platform, TikTok has grown the fastest. The video-based network, which has only been around for five years, is now in fifth place in terms of monthly active users. On the other hand, Instagram has experienced tremendous growth and now ranks fourth in terms of monthly active users (MAU). There are more and more options for brands who wish to connect with their target audience on social media. And it’s important to keep an eye on where your target audience might be migrating. Let us discuss global social media websites:

Best social media websites:

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We now communicate in a completely different way due to social media. It was and continues to be an important tool for bringing people together throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.With so many of us forced to be apart, it’s no surprise that many social media networks saw a spike in new users. Around 2.8 billion people use Facebook each month, and 69% of adults in the United States claim they do. Following are the best social media websites:

Facebook Global social media:

When people think of social media, they typically think of Facebook first. Social media giant Facebook has been around for a long time and was one of the first to offer advertising alternatives for companies. A Facebook business page is necessary for any company or brand, and it should be updated frequently.

Twittersocial media:

Twitter attracts a large number of users who seek news and information. Therefore, it might be especially advantageous for companies who regularly publish original material. Promoting your most recent blog posts and pages is as easy as sending a link to them via social media. To further enhance your reputation as an expert in your field, sharing useful and interesting content from other sources is a good idea.

LinkedIn global media website:

Global Social Media Websites about LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be a beneficial tool. It is a social network for professionals. However, this does not negate the fact that B2C enterprises can also benefit from it. A LinkedIn profile that’s regularly updated with job vacancies can assist job seekers in learning about your open positions.


YouTube is one of the major sources of user-generated material on the internet, even though you may not think it is social media. A wonderful method to establish a relationship with your target audience is to generate your original material. Besides the views you obtain directly on YouTube, you may utilize YouTube to host videos that you can embed on your website.

Pinterest Global media:

The platform allows you to post individual images with brief explanations and a direct connection to the photo’s source. Because of this, firms can promote their items more easily.Using rich pins, you may advertise products, recipes, articles, and apps to a broader audience and provide additional context for your pins. This one is best from global social media websites.

Instagram Global media:

Instagram’s primary focus is on photo sharing, although it can be utilized for a wide range of visual material. However, it is not a text-heavy site, and articles cannot contain links. A platform is a useful tool for developing your brand’s identity despite these issues. Instagram is a great platform for B2C companies to showcase their products and encourage their followers to do the same.


Using Nextdoor, people in the same neighborhood may connect online. Members of this social media site join digital communities where they may see and communicate with the updates of their actual neighbors. To be found and interacted with by others using the platform, you can set up a business page for your company.


WhatsApp is messaging software owned by Facebook that allows users to interact with friends and businesses. The WhatsApp Business app helps you create a business profile, respond to clients’ messages, and automate some communications to keep your business organized.


Messenger, a Facebook-owned social media platform, provides a direct line of communication with potential customers. When using Messenger, you can directly reply to user messages or automate the process entirely.


It is possible to share short videos on TikTok for several different objectives. You’ll find anything from quick how-tos to popular dances to humorous performances on the video-sharing app. If you want to advertise your business on TikTok, you can do so in addition to posting videos relevant to it.


Here is a list of the most popular global social media websites. To be successful with social media marketing, you must become well-versed in the platform you intend to use before you begin promoting your brand there. Depending on the brand, certain platforms are better suited than others. In the same way, different traditions and civilizations appeal to different kinds of people.


How Popular Is Social Media in the World?

Facebook has been the most popular social networking site since its inception. Around 2.8 billion individuals use Facebook monthly, including 69% of adults globally.

What are four social media uses?

Sharing, learning, engaging, and marketing are the four main functions of social media.

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