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Organic search in google:

If any other company ever does this, I promise you it would fail and not a single person wants their data used that way. And that is why google was built. With this new technology you can sell on your data without making money, however it doesn’t help companies when it comes to SEO, so if the marketer wants organic search results then your site may not be ready for it web crawlers search engine.

Web crawlers search engine algorithms:

web crawler search engine

The second advantage is cutting out the spam, ads, and personal attacks from reaching your inbox and website every day. It would require a lot of money for Google AdWords and most social media platforms to run ads on your sites, whereas Google’s algorithms can generate thousands of high quality advertisements based on what you write in your article or blog post. However according to Statcounter ‘Google Ads generates 91 percent of all $1 billion US ad revenue for every dollar spent.’ So Google is a huge business, billions of dollars. How is your site making money when Google only pays you pennies, if not free?

Google search engine:

web crawlers search engine google search engine

The third advantage according to PwC. Is the ability for more relevant products, services, and content to appear in your searches. When you take out the ads advertisements in the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model, the algorithm needs to find the right content for your target audience based. What they search for and also what questions. That’s why it’s better to optimize your site from the beginning rather than trying to figure it out as you go.

Google advantages:

The fourth advantage that Google enjoys is Google Maps and all of its features. There is so much more to Google than it being just a tool for searching through the internet. Here are some examples:

Google Home’s Alexa makes everything sound awesomely beautiful

Google Analytics allows you to look at the sales of the past year

Google News provides original news articles, commentary, tweets, etc.

Google Play lets you stream music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks

Google Video allows users to watch videos and view clips on the web

Web crawler search engine visit sites:

web crawlers search engine how google crawler work

There are too many sites out there that hide behind Google in hopes that it’ll help them rank, but it isn’t going to. But because websites aren’t optimized for Google first and second, Google knows that sites are useless and unresponsive. These are the sites that will hide in Google’s sandbox and wait for it to crawl your site when it’s finally ready to crawl. Unfortunately,  this means that no one knows of your website unless you ask someone to add you manually. Because web crawlers search engine literally hundreds of sites at once. It becomes extremely hard for sites to gain visibility or even be featured.

Google search result for URL:

Another disadvantage to Google, are search result pages. To make matters worse, Google takes all of those search result URLs and redirects it to Google Pages. This means that anyone visiting your site, you won’t even notice for several weeks. So if any other company had this technique that Google, They would be able to own the entire industry within a matter of days.

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